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Carnforth Community

Primary School

Summer Term 1

Here is the link to the planning for this term's learning:

Summer Term 1 MTP

Year 1 and Year 2 have been learning about Position and Direction in Maths. The children directed their partner around a map. We then took our learning outdoors, hiding objects and directing our partners to it using key vocabulary learnt: forwards, backwards, quarter turn, half-turn, three-quarter turn, whole turn, left, right, clockwise, anticlockwise, north, east, south, west.

Our learning this half-term is based all around the story, Made by the Moon by Emily Hennessey. We had a special Launch Day to introduce the story, taking part in a variety of activities, such as: using the illustrations to make predictions and write expanded noun phrases; drawing and sharing pictures of our predictions of where the Queen of the Giants will lead the other giants; creating artwork of the Moon, using the description from the story; and creating a 'Song of the Curlew' after the curlew was introduced to the story.

Year 1 & Year 2 had a great cricket session with Lauren from the Lancashire Cricket Foundation, practising different cricket skills.

As part of our learning around the story, Made by the Moon, Year 1 and Year 2 visited Hest Bank Shore. The children used map skills to locate different parts of Morecambe Bay, collected shells for artwork back in school, did some birdwatching using the Bay Bird Bingo sheet, took scenic photographs on iPads, and played fun games on the grass area.

Year 1 and Year 2 used the shells collected from our visit to Hest Bank Shore to create some wonderful artwork. The children carefully explored the shape, colour and texture of the shells. They drew round the shells, did shell rubbings and created shell artwork using close observation and choosing different media, such as watercolours, pastels and crayons.

We enjoyed celebrating the King's Coronation by making crowns for a whole school picnic lunch and creating a collage of the King.

In PSHEE we have been learning about feelings and how we have different feelings. We thought about how our facial expressions and body language can show how we are feeling. The children modelled different feelings, such as happy, sad, excited, surprised, grumpy. They then looked at images of people showing a range of feelings. In groups, the children looked carefully at an image and talked about/wrote ways they could help that person to feel better.

In Science, Year 1 and Year 2 have been learning about plants. We learnt about common garden and wild plants and went on a plant hunt outside, finding different plants in our school environment and drawing close observations of plants. We learnt about the main parts of a plant and their jobs. We also learnt about what plants need to survive. The children planted runner beans in our outdoor area and broad beans in pots indoors. We will carefully observe these plants growing and make comparisons.

Year 1 & Year 2 had a second visit to Hest Bank Shore. They enjoyed a variety of cross-curricular learning, including continuing our science learning about plants, by identifying different wild plants on the shoreline. They also used their 5 senses to record what they could hear, see, smell, touch, taste and feel down on the shore. The children sketched a picture of the scenery and created pebble art of The Queen of the Giants from our class story, Made by the Moon.

Our 'Made by the Moon' class display.

As part of our history topic, we have been learning about seaside holidays in the past. The children have used different sources of evidence to find out about seaside holidays in the 1900s, 1950s and now. They identified how seaside holidays have changed over time, while recognising things that have stayed the same.