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Carnforth Community

Primary School

Autumn 1

Here is a link to the medium term planning for Autumn 1.

Year Six's first topic this term is a local history unit, entitled 'Facing the Past'. We will be learning about the Transatlantic Slave Trade and how Lancaster was involved. To start off our topic we played a game of 'Quiz, quiz, trade' to learn some of the key vocabulary and definitions. We also went on our very own Slave Trail around Lancaster, with our tour guide Eleanor, who showed us pictures of Lancaster Quay in the past which was a main port for slave ships to come in. We learnt about some of the main slave traders from Lancaster, including the Rawlinson family who have a grave in The Priory church, which was covered in graffiti in 2020 as part of the Black Lives Matter protests.

Inside the Maritime Museum we discovered a portrait of John Dalton, who laid out and named Dalton Square in 1784.

Y5 & Y6 Slave Trail - Lancaster

Asking enquiry questions


In Art, we will be focusing on the artist Banksy. We will study his style and discuss his style. Y6 will think about the 'rights and wrongs' of graffiti as an art form. They will then create a group piece in the style of Banksy, linking their piece to the them of the slave trade and/or the Black Lives Matter movement.

Our first few lessons in our sketch books was to find a style, thinking about colour, tone and background.

We studied some of his art work and thought about what features we liked or disliked. We thought about his choice of colour and what we thought his message could be.

Over the next few lessons, we sketched ideas for our own piece of graffiti art with a message linked to the slave trade and/or the Black Lives Matter movement.

In English, we learned all about Harriet Tubman, who after being born into slavery herself, ended up playing a pivotal role in helping enslaved people escape in the US.

MUSIC: Songs of Resistance

MUSIC: Final piece

Still image for this video
Children created their own anti-slavery song of resistance with their own lyrics, beat and tune. They used the codes such as 'Moses' for Harriet Tubman, 'the wind blows from the south today' - beware slave hunters and 'wade in the water' meaning walk through water then the dogs can't follow your scent when escaping the slave masters.
Some groups were brave enough to perform their finished composition in assembly.

PE: Tennis and ball skills